About Us

Global mobility facilitators.

Chepyng enables a smooth transition for you, your family or your employees.  We take special care to understand, not only the practical requirements, but also the extra details that make the experience a truly positive one.


The team at Chepyng are dedicated to offering you a smooth immigration process, as well as finding that perfect home and wonderful school.  We have all ourselves relocated at least once and understand the complexity and importance of getting it right, the first time.

Moving to another country can be frightening, and stressful at the very least, and so we pride ourselves on helping individuals and families to feel good about the change and enriched by the experience.

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So you've decided to emigrate. Whatever the reason, we can help turn those ideas into a reality. It can be.


Chepyng offers individuals and businesses the support they need for international and national relocation, efficiently. We offer a complete global.


Chepyng offers one-to-one and group support and training to help enable a positive experience for all involved. We believe that.