Our fees

Please see a table which offers some explanation as to how we price our services:

Price Guide 2018-2019 Fixed Fees
Step 1 – Define and design the dream £95 – £125 depending on the complexity of the case*
Step 2 – Arrange Residency/Citizenship £2500*
Step 3 – Relocation Services Property Finder £1200

School Finder £850

See support Packages below (from £50ph)

Step 4 – Arrival and Integration See support Packages below (from £50ph)
Step 5 – Ongoing Lifestyle Concierge Services (membership) £1500 (General membership) + £200 joining fee

£3600 (Dedicated membership) + £350 joining fee

*The above fees do not include legal consultation fees or fees in relation to resident visas, or citizenship by investment programmes. However, our professional guidance and co-ordination helps to streamline the process and reduce the need for involvement of Immigration Lawyers.

General Support Packages 

If you are currently unsure of the type of support you may require, or the above home finding service does not seem like a good fit for you, a general support package may be a good option for you. This type of support may be used, for example, for local orientation assistance or to view properties on your behalf that you are interested in (including filming) and reporting back. Prices are based on office-based assistance and do not include travel expenses, which are also billed where applicable.

Support Package Options
10 hours   £600
20 hours £1100
40 hours £2000

We are happy to offer a a free 15 minute telephone call to help guide you through the process and collect some key information in order to open your file. Please contact us.