Mobility Counselling

Do you or one of your family members need some additional support?

Not everyone finds it easy to start a new life in a new country. In fact some people find it so daunting they feel overwhelmed and perhaps even  depressed. Others may simply need a listening ear to work through various challenges or issues that arise.

Perhaps you’re all struggling to decide on the best location for you all, or perhaps you need us to offer reassurance and support to someone that is fearful of the change or struggling to settle in.

Whatever the reason, our counsellors can help you to make the transition as painlessly as possible.

Our specialist counselling service is conducted over the telephone so you needn’t travel to and from appointments and can be located anywhere in the world.

Contact us to discuss how we can help support you through this time of change. 


Free yourself and broaden your options. There are many benefits to dual citizenship; residents of many countries are immediately.


Residency by investment is achieved when an applicant, and their approved family members, satisfies certain conditions. Those conditions vary.


Imagine moving abroad and having a personal case manager there to co-ordinate and assist you and your family along.