Cyprus has a stable economic environment and that is why a good number of investors are always interested in moving their wealth to this country through immigration. They seek citizenship by investment to benefit from the country’s custom taxation system and an unwavering political and legal infrastructure. The location of Cyprus on the map also plays a major role in making it one of the most important member countries of the EU. Not only does the country offer high standards of living but also excellent educational opportunities and great value on real estate.

Why Apply for Cyprus Citizenship by Investment?

There are numerous benefits of obtaining Cyprus citizenship and some of these are mentioned below;

You will be able to live and work in any of the EU states once you obtain citizenship of Cyprus

There will be no requirement for visa to reach 158 countries around the world including Canada

Citizenship is not just granted to the applicant but also to his family members including children under the age of 28 and parents

It will be a lifetime citizenship that can also be passed on to children

It usually takes about 3 months for the process to complete

You are allowed to keep dual citizenship

Cyprus has high standards of living and a lot of opportunities to grow

Cyprus passport has a world rank of 17 according to Visa Restrictions Index

Citizenship by Investment Program is very fast and efficient and there are no strict criteria to be eligible for this program. If you want to apply for Cypriot citizenship, you just have to show that you don’t have any criminal record and hold a permanent residence in the country with a minimum value of €500,000 + VAT. In addition you are required to choose one of the given investment options spending a minimum of €2 million. If you qualify for these requirements, you will be immediately considered for Cypriot citizenship.

If you are planning for citizenship by investment program, Chepyng has all the resources you might need. They have experts to guide you through the entire process from application to packing up and reaching the country to settling down there and finding the best schools for your children. Start planning your journey to Cyprus by connecting with these professionals and expand your horizon today!

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What has Cyprus got to offer?

  • One of the best education system in the world
  • Easy access to Europe and the Middle East
  • Beautiful climate all year round
  • An EU passport!


Free yourself and broaden your options. There are many benefits to dual citizenship; residents of many countries are immediately.


Residency by investment is achieved when an applicant, and their approved family members, satisfies certain conditions. Those conditions vary.


Imagine moving abroad and having a personal case manager there to co-ordinate and assist you and your family along.