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Do you dream of exploring Europe and spending the rest of your days in its beauty?

Are you hoping to get citizenship in an EU country and get an EU passport?

Chepyng will manage the process for you from beginning to end, using experts such as immigration lawyers, international accountants and relocation facilitators.

Live the dream you have always wanted, forever.

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Main Benefits

  • International mobility
  • Employment mobility
  • Residential mobility
  • Tax options
  • Benefits only available to citizens.
Being an eu passport holder opens doors otherwise closed.


So you've decided to emigrate. Whatever the reason, we can help turn those ideas into a reality. It can be.


Chepyng offers individuals and businesses the support they need for international and national relocation, efficiently. We offer a complete global.


Chepyng offers one-to-one and group support and training to help enable a positive experience for all involved. We believe that.