Dominican Republic

Dominica is best known for its remarkable and preserved natural resources including parks and tropical rain forests as well as beaches, waterfalls and lakes. No wonder it is called the “Nature Island of the Caribbean”. If you want to enjoy breath-taking scenery, cosy atmosphere and a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life, you should visit Dominica. Because of the well-developed governmental system and a strong judiciary that has been laid upon English common law, a lot of people are considering citizenship in this country for a better future.

Benefits of Obtaining Citizenship in Dominica

Through the Economic Citizenship Program, you are able to obtain Dominica citizenship quickly and easily. Here are the main benefits of obtaining this citizenship;

It is a lifetime citizenship for the entire family including spouse and dependent children

The government of Dominica will not report to your home country that you hold a Dominica citizenship

You will be able to travel visa-free to 115 countries around the world

Beneficial taxation system for immigrants with no income tax on foreign income and no capital gains tax

You are allowed to keep dual citizenship

You are not required to keep permanent residence in Dominica

You have the right to invest your money in any CARICOM country and find a job there

Since you will be a commonwealth citizen, you will have the right to work and study anywhere in the UK

The application procedure is kept confidential

There are no strict criteria to be eligible for Dominica citizenship except that you must be at least 18 years of age with no criminal record. You also need to buy a property in the country or choose any other investment option from the list below to be able to qualify for Dominica citizenship;

Donation Option to Government Fund

When you apply for economic citizenship program, you are required to pay a donation to the local government. If you are applying as a single person, a donation fund of USD 100,000 will be required. Then there are family options that require you to pay USD 175,000 or 200,000 with additional 50,000 for each additional dependent child for more than three children.

Real Estate Option

You are required to spend at least USD 200,000 for 5 years to be able to qualify for the citizenship program. There are also fees applicable to these investment options depending on the number of people in the family.

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Main Benefits

  • Only 100,000 US dollar investment required
  • Anonymous
  • Citizenship for you and your family
  • Beneficial taxation
  • Residency not required.


Free yourself and broaden your options. There are many benefits to dual citizenship; residents of many countries are immediately.


Residency by investment is achieved when an applicant, and their approved family members, satisfies certain conditions. Those conditions vary.


Imagine moving abroad and having a personal case manager there to co-ordinate and assist you and your family along.