Integration and intercultural training and support.

In a time of growing globalisation, intercultural competence and communication skills become increasingly important. Understanding and appreciating cultural differences as well as learning how to work effectively with colleagues of different cultural background contributes to breaking down barriers, strengthens relationships and lead to innovative ways of thinking.

If you are moving to a new country, leading an international team, or are dedicated to diversity and employee welfare and want to raise the level of intercultural competence and awareness in your organisation?

Chepyng evaluates the needs of you or your business and provides bespoke support and training solutions so that you can feel at home, even when at work.

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Main Features

  • Personal support from a named member of staff
  • Bespoke and professional training programmes
  • Interactive sessions to encourage engagement and behaviour change


So you've decided to emigrate. Whatever the reason, we can help turn those ideas into a reality. It can be.


Chepyng offers individuals and businesses the support they need for international and national relocation, efficiently. We offer a complete global.


Chepyng offers one-to-one and group support and training to help enable a positive experience for all involved. We believe that.