Nadine Michaelides

Nadine is a mother, wife and entrepreneur with a love of the ocean, writing, photography and travel, enjoying to scuba dive and explore the world. She has two daughters and one son and a golden retriever dog named Ada. Her mother is Swedish and her father a Greek Cypriot, who met in London when they moved there at the age of 18.

Nadine founded the business in 2015 in a small market town called Saffron Walden, just outside of London, the United Kingdom. The town had personal significance in that it became a period of her life when some doors closed and other doors opened, and generally speaking, the best opportunities lay ahead. It was a time of change both personally and professionally; professionally turning away from 20 years’ experience in Change Communications, moving towards a different kind of change management, and to include her parallel career as a property developer, in helping people to move to new countries to begin their new lives in their new homes. With the many years’ experience of overcoming obstacles a high as mountains and taking on high profile national and international transformation projects, she is able to bring that knowledge to help people navigate around barriers to global mobility so that people can enjoy more freedom in their lives.

Having decided herself to move her family to Sweden, a dream she had had ever since she was a small child, and hearing the trials and tribulations of Brexit, she felt others should also have the opportunity to access the world and be more globally mobile, escape their current situation, whether be war, below satisfactory healthcare or insufficient career prospects, and enjoy a better life in another land.

Chepyng was born, the word ‘Chepyng’ coming from the Saxon English word for ‘market’, the home of which was Saffron Walden (previously called ‘Chepyng Walden’), then renamed to reflect the importance of the town as important for growing and trading in saffron. The vibrant colour of saffron (a bright orange) and the colourful market that fills its food market (or ‘chepyng’) square every Tuesday and Saturday were the inspiration behind the brand and the sense of exciting and palatable variety that runs deep in the company’s ethos and mission.


Free yourself and broaden your options. There are many benefits to dual citizenship; residents of many countries are immediately.


Residency by investment is achieved when an applicant, and their approved family members, satisfies certain conditions. Those conditions vary.


Imagine moving abroad and having a personal case manager there to co-ordinate and assist you and your family along.