Quality and Compliance

Environmental policy

Chepyng is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. We will strive to improve our environmental performance over time and to initiate additional projects and activities that will further reduce our impacts on the environment.

Our commitment to the environment extends to our customers, our staff, and the community in which we operate. We are committed to:

– Comply with all applicable environmental regulations;

– Prevent pollution whenever possible;

– Train all our staff on our environmental program and empower them to contribute and

– Communicate our environmental commitment and efforts to our customers, staff, and our
community; and

– Continually improve over time by striving to measure our environmental impacts and by setting
goals to reduce these impacts each year.


2017-03-06 1 New March 2017 Nadine Michaelides


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Residency by investment is achieved when an applicant, and their approved family members, satisfies certain conditions. Those conditions vary.


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