The Republic of Cyprus not just holds a strategic position in Europe but it is also an important business hub for Russia and the Middle East. It is a European Union member state since 2004 and therefore attracts a number of real estate investors from the world over. A favourable climate, lot of attractions for the tourists, a stable economy and a well-developed social infrastructure makes it an ideal destination for immigrants and investors alike.

There is an option to gain permanent residence status by investing in the country’s real estate. The recent discovery of huge reserves of natural gas in the country has accelerated the process even further. A large number of people from around the world are seeking residence by investment to benefit from the unlimited opportunities.

Benefits of Seeking Permanent Residence in Cyprus

The Residency by Investment Program allows people to obtain permanent resident permits in Cyprus to enjoy the following benefits;

  • With this permit, you obtain the right to stay permanently in Cyprus without the need for renewing your visa
  • You may travel to other EU member states easily
  • Spouse and dependent children as well as parents may also be included in the application
  • It only takes about 3 months for the procedure to complete
  • To maintain the permit, the applicants are required to visit Cyprus once every two years if they decide to live in some other country
  • It is a lifetime permit
  • The applicant may apply for citizenship by neutralisation after seven years of holding permanent residence status

Applicants who wish to invest in Cyprus are granted an immigration permit by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus. It is also known as a Permanent Residence Permit and it is granted to all non-EU nationals who fulfil the following requirements;

  • Real estate investment in new property of a minimum of €300,000 value + VAT. The applicant needs to show the bank transfer statement as a proof of this investment.
  • A bank deposit in €30,000 value to a local bank must be made to Cyprus from a foreign bank account.
  • The applicant must show an income of minimum €30,000 plus €5,000 for each additional family member and the source of income must be legal
  • The applicant must show that they don’t intent to work in Cyprus after obtaining permanent residence status
  • There is no criminal activity on part of the applicant or his spouse and/or children recorded in the past
  • The applicant is required to visit Cyprus once every two years to maintain permanent resident permit
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  • right to stay permanently in Cyprus
  • travel to other EU member states
  • family included in the application
  • only takes about 3 months
  • It is a lifetime permit
  •  applicant may apply for citizenship by neutralisation after seven years


Free yourself and broaden your options. There are many benefits to dual citizenship; residents of many countries are immediately.


Residency by investment is achieved when an applicant, and their approved family members, satisfies certain conditions. Those conditions vary.


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