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Imagine green rolling hills, the smell of blossom in May and the sound of the birds singing as Spring reveals its beauty.

The U.K. has offers residents social security benefits, a free educational system, and a high standard of living relative to the cost of living. Not only does the U.K. offer an extremely high level of education from nursery all the way through to university, but it is also a hub for entrepreneurs and business.

Chepyng can help you make that smooth transition to the green island of the U.K.

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What has the U.K. got to offer?

  • The best education system in the world
  • The NHS (National Health Service), which offers free medical care to all UK citizens.
  • The UK climate is very moderate, especially for a country at this latitude.
  • The UK is ideally placed for taking short trips overseas
  • Opportunity to receive a British passport
  • Learn the English language which is the global business language.
  • London is Europe’s financial capital.


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