12 things you didn’t know about Cyprus

·        They make fantastic and unique wine but the world doesn’t know about it yet and many vineyards don’t produce enough to export.

·        The most beautiful time to go to Cyprus is in March and April when the mountains are rich in a variety of green colours and the flowers are blooming.

·        It’s perfectly normal to bring your children out late in the evening to cafes and even bars.  Children are very much a part of grown-up social life.

·        Family is reality not optional.  Sometimes you hate them; sometimes you love them, but one thing for sure is you can’t get rid of them.

·        In Greek Orthodox religion, you never die, you only sleep.

·        Mountains and forests are open to the public to freely roam, as are the fruits they offer e.g., olives and figs

·        They celebrate a day named as “Green Monday” in March every year when they go out into the fields and have a picnic as a family excluding any dairy or meat and enjoy local vegetables and home-baked bread.

·        Weddings are huge and baptism is not much smaller and if you haven’t invited the whole village and surrounding villages you’ll have years where you will be reminded of it.

·        As the population isn’t increasing as quickly as the Government would like, if you have three children, you benefit from a variety of discounts so in order to increase the population the Government encourage people to have a third child.

·        In March you can go swimming in the sea in the morning and in the afternoon head up to the snow-capped mountains.

·        It’s usually women that have the snip, not men, and usually when a woman has had a last baby through a Caesarean.

·        Cyprus was the first country thought to have ever produced wine, known as Commandaria, and stated by Richard the Lionheart to be “the wine of kings and the king of wines.”