The Benefit of Migration by Investment Programmes

August 22nd 2018

It is interesting to note that investment migration programmes offer significant benefits to private clients such as global mobility and flexibility, whilst also offering many benefits to the host country. It is, therefore, apparent that the influx of talent and funds are quite substantial, as well as the extensive macroeconomic implications for the majority of sectors.

We at Chepyng envision our involvement as contributing to a more inclusive and tolerant world. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) actually increases the monetary value of the receiving state which  brings in capital to both the private sector – with new businesses being developed and the property economy the opportunity to  flourish.  The public sector also benefits in the form of donations to a country’s sovereign wealth fund.

Investment migration programmes allow for increased socio-economic development in countries that often face unique challenges when competing globally.

Please contact our team of experts here at Chepyng who have hands-on experience of living and working in these countries and we can provide sound advice on how to apply and take the next step to a better life.


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