The strength of passports from different countries

July 31st 2018

Passports are the key to being able to travel and see the many wonders the world has to offer. The passport to behold, according to recent studies, is the Japanese passport. Those who are lucky enough to have a passport from Japan are granted access to a staggering 189 countries. With a close second being residents of both Germany and Singapore who are able to travel to 188 countries. Moreover, some passport index may rank Singapore first and Japan third. This is due to a passport from Singapore granting visa-free access to 164 countries. Whereas Japan grants visa-free access to 162 countries.

These figures are based on the passport holders being able to travel to a country without a visa or where they can easily obtain one. The International Transport Authority (ITA) generated the results. By analysing passports from 199 countries and 227 destinations, and maintaining the statistics it clearly shows any potential changes to visa policies.

Based on the statistics produced by the ITA, European passports (and South Korean) are the third most “powerful” passports. Finland, Italy, Sweden and France will be able to grant their holder access to 187 countries.

In fourth, the UK, Norway, Austria, as well as the American passport which climbed to fourth place in 2017. Europe and North America didn’t experience much of a change in visa policies in 2018. However, countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean have implemented new immigration and border regulations. This has resulted in them climbing up the rankings.

The figures produced by the ITA show the country to have increased the largest number of destinations their passport can access is the UAE. In 2008 they were ranked at 61. Now they are ranked 23rd and are now able to grant holders access to 154 countries.

The top 10 passports to possess


Country Access

Japan 189
Germany and Singapore 188
Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain and South Korea 187
Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and Canada 185
Australia and Greece 183
New Zealand, Czech Republic and Malta 182
Iceland 181
Hungary, Slovenia and Malaysia 182
Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia 179



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