Things you should know before moving to Greece.

November 6th 2018

Greece is one of the most famous destinations for travelers from all over the world.

Greece is a country of natural beauty, long history, incredible sightseeing together with more than 200 islands where each of us can find something – from sunny beaches and turquoise sea to mountainous villages.

Visiting Greece is like having a dream holiday of a lifetime but be careful because visiting Greece is an addictive journey; once you have experienced it, no other place on earth will be competitive. Let’s say, you’ve got the Greece “bug” and now you can’t stop thinking about moving over there.

Whether through retirement or a professional move, or just a personal choice, there are some things you should know about Greece in order for it to feel like home.

Here are some tips to help you to move to Greece and settle in easily.

Finding the right property.

Finding the right property in Greece is a lifetime investment and it’s one of the biggest decisions you will have to make in your life.  If you are worried about where to start, remember here at Chepyng we can help. We will be there for you step by step, from the start to the finish to help you understand everything about finding the right property for you, about all the bills and payments and all the necessary transactions you need to take.


According to polls, the most popular reason to move to Greece is the weather. Greece is famous for the perfect climate conditions.  Due to its geographical location, Greece has mild winters and warm summers. During summertime the weather is characterized by sunshine and very little rainfall.  Are you tired of long and cold days in your country? Then you must know that most of Greece has an average of 300 sunny days per year.


If you take usual sensible precautions, Greece is a very safe country for travelling and living.  It’s ranked as 39th out of 162 countries on the ranking of the world’s safest countries. The biggest issues are pickpockets and bag snatchers in the bigger cities, especially in the crowded touristic areas or in the subway stations.  There are no significant reports of violent crimes or terrorist threats.  Greece is a very safe country for woman travelers. On the Greek Islands there are even less of these threats.

Easy to access

There are frequent flights from the biggest airports to the International Airport of Athens and there are also daily flights from the International Airport of Athens to the local airports of mainland Greece and to the Greek Islands.  During the summer many European airports charter flights to the biggest of the Greek islands and there are daily ferry connections from Athens port to the Greek Islands. Travelling by car in Greece is easy; just follow the signs (signs for the main important roads are in English) and enjoy your smooth ride via the National Road.


Have you ever had that feeling of moving to other country and being lost in translation?  Greeks are very proud of their language, and needless to say, each region has its own pronunciation.  While it might take time to learn some Greek (but remember, nothing is impossible), don’t worry, Greece is an English speaking country.  You will find no difficulties in communicating with Greeks in restaurants, shops or asking for advice in different institutions. But there is no doubt that making an effort to learn some basic Modern Greek will help you to open some doors to many new experiences.

Healthy and tasty cuisine

Yes, that’s true, in Greece virgin olive oil is used everywhere – for cooking, poured over the salad and meat.  It’s the golden elixir of life, start to get used to it. And all the fresh seasonal vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts and wine!  The food is so delicious and it is not only about eating it but enjoying every bite of it. All those products listed above are grown and produced in Greece. Drink coffee like a local… and socialize When you move to Greece, you will often hear – “Let’s go for coffee?”  Coffee drinking in Greece is not just about the actual drinking of coffee.  It’s part of the country’s identity and a form of socializing. In 2017, Greece was ranked 15th in terms of coffee consumption.  The most popular coffees are – Greek coffee and different kinds of cold coffees like Frappe, Freddo Cappuccino, Freddo Espresso. There is an annual Athens Coffee Festival for all coffee lovers. So next time someone invites you for coffee, definitely accept the invitation; it might be a good start to an exciting experience and find some new friends!


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  1. Hi looking to move to Greece in the near future..Can you advise where to find long term rentals and where to look for permanent jobs.
    I’m a qualified Spa/ Beauty therapist and my husband is a coach,bus,mini bus driver..

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