Tips on global mobility

July 23rd 2018

Moving abroad can be a liberating and rewarding experience. If you are planning to move overseas, then here are some tips that will help you with your move.

Sell all your stuff

In months leading to your departure, start deciding on things that you do not want to keep such as furniture, clothing, DVDs, trinkets, games, CD’s, books and more. Find local second-hand shops or why not try selling online using such sites as eBay, you will be totally amazed on what people would like to buy. You can even earn a little bit of cash to go towards setting up your new life abroad.

Store rest of the things

While you weigh this up, it will be very cost effective to actually store the bigger items instead of selling them and having to purchase them again if you return to your home. Shop around for the good storage companies and ensure they are secure, and treat for pests as well as are safe from flood and fire. Invest in the good quality of packing supplies, such as boxes, bubble wrap & tape, packing foam.

Send over all your essentials

Suppose you know you cannot survive a long period of time on contents of a suitcase, then send some of the things beforehand. Things such as computers, books, or clothes are sent overseas using the right company. It means that you do not need to spend any fortune in re-feathering the new nest and it is mainly very useful if you are spending some time travelling before coming to your final destination. You do not want the thick jackets or winter clothes to take up all your luggage space, when the climate of your destination is in peak summer.


Suppose you have the job lined up, then you have to check out with the new employer if you are covered by the insurance and what you’re covered for. Suppose your new employer has covered you for the medical, ensure you know what is been covered. Suppose you are not covered, then you might have to look into getting long term insurance.


Ensure your passport already has six months of validity from the planned return- date (yes, the return date, not departure date). You need to carry some extra passport photos in case the passport is lost or stolen, and you have to replace it while you are away. Get copies witnessed by the Justice of Peace.


You must find out in advance what are the rules and regulations for getting the residency permit, working visa or work permit by contacting foreign mission (high commission, embassy, or consulate) of country where you would like to work. Some of the countries need a prospective employer to sponsor you before the work permit and visa are issued. Stay aware that tourist visas might not allow you to undertake any type of work, including unpaid or voluntary activities.

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