Top three passports for global mobility…

April 1st 2019

Have you ever wondered which passports provide the best global mobility and visa-free travel?

Here are the list from the Global Passport Power Bank 2019:

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. Luxembourg, Finland, Germany, Spain (joint 2nd)
  3. Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Singapore, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, South Korea (joint 3rd)

Whilst the UAE has climbed the ranks dramatically over the last three years, from 62nd to 1st, countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan remain at the bottom of the list, most likely to require the need of a visa to travel abroad. Cyprus is 9th, proving to be a popular passport for those seeking residency or citizenship through their investment programmes.

While Europe remains a significant ‘mover and groover’ in terms of global mobility, eastern countries are moving up the citizenship ladder, and packing a big punch, not just in terms of economic stability but also in the ability to travel and conquer.

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