Twenty fab and quirky things to do in London that you can’t read in the Lonely Planet

February 18th 2019
  1. Feeling the cool grass on your back as you lay on Wimbledon Common with a cold beer you just bought from the Crooked Billet in one hand and your best friend beside you nattering away.
  2. Watching the Oxford and Cambridge annual boat race in full swing from a swanky bar by the river in Chiswick.
  3. Feeding the ducks at the pond in Barnes on a cold Autumn day before warming up by an open fire in the White Hart.
  4. Walking through the Victoria and Albert museum to get to work, school, or another tube station, because you can.
  5. Devouring the largest pancake you have ever seen in My Old Dutch in King’s Road, and then having dessert.
  6. Giving the man or woman selling The Big Issue the money for a copy and giving it to someone else walking past.
  7. Driving past Wimbledon Centre Court mid June and seeing all the happy campers who travelled from afar to see the stars at play, feeling proud that they have come to your city.
  8. Climbing Primrose Hill to get the best view of the fireworks on GuyFawkes night on November 5th.
  9. Hiring an apartment or visiting a friend who has an apartment in Notting Hill and watching the procession of fabulous costumes and performances at the Notting Hill Carnival.
  10. Making friends with the owner of the local Greek restaurant. Go there everyday for lunch for a week and then ask him to hold your second set of keys to your apartment, just in case you should lose yours.
  11. Wandering across Primrose Hill to work or school and catching a photographer and model in the midst of a photo shoot on a beautiful sunny day.
  12. Enjoying a great glass of red in the the comfiest leather sofa while watching an artistic movie at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill.
  13. Jumping on a train east and heading out to some quaint Essex or Cambridgeshire villages with a set of wellies, taking a long muddy walk to the local pub for a Sunday roast by the fire, with newspaper in hand and dog safely sleeping under a chair.
  14. Spontaneously turning up to Stansted airport, bag in hand, no idea where you’re headed, scanning the departures board and picking one randomly before checking in with customer services for available flights.
  15. Buying a Chinese in china town, heading for the theatre with a warm white plastic bag full of roast duck and black bean beef only to be told that. It’s not permitted in the theatre, so you swiftly find the nearest homeless person and hand them the bag and see their eyes light up and their toothy smiles spread over their face, before you rush back to catch the beginning of Mammia Mia, secretly smiling in the dark as you imagine the homeless person happily tucking into his Chinese food.
  16. Wearing no make-up, having not brushed your hair, in leggings to Harrods. After all, who’s going to recognise you?
  17. Walking along South Bank with the children on a sunny day enjoying the free entertainment, followed by a massive bag of sugared almonds from the local seller and a walk on the wobbly bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  18. Telling the kids they’re going to a restaurant in a rainforest and not taking them to the rainforest cafe, but to The Blue Elephant in Fulham for a sumptuous Thai experience.
  19. Walking along Hampstead Heath with a friend or lover, picnic in hand, finding some shade under a tree, and waste away the afternoon.
  20. On a Sunday enjoy a carafe of red wine in Maggie Jones, followed by a humungous and delicious roast dinner, roll out onto the pavement of Kensington Church Street and through the side gate of Kensington Gardens and take a stroll through the park playing with grey squirrels and running from swans.
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