What are the possible ways of investment under the terms of the Program?

July 9th 2018

Investment through the citizenship by investment programme can be done in the following ways:

A method of investing in Cyprus is to purchase construction buildings, commercial and residential construction projects. Alternatively you can invest in development projects for tourists. The real estate prices in Cyprus are quite low and affordable, even in the largest cities. Investors can purchase, establish and participate in the enterprise or organisational level on the homeland of Cyprus. The other requirement is to have a significant turnover of a standard company or enterprise.

Investment in different funds and financial assets of the country’s companies are under the license of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Investors can retain assets for at least three years. The Finance and Interior Ministry manage the change in value of the investment. Moreover, you can also choose a combination of investment with the minimum amount of €2,000,000. Under this amount, the investor can purchase up to €500,000 for Cyprus Government Bonds. The Public Debt Management Office at the Ministry of Finance issue the bonds. Investors are prohibited to acquire government bonds from a secondary market.

What are the basic requirements of investors under the terms of the Program?

  • The investor needs to invest a minimum amount of €2,000,000 excluding VAT, which was reduced by €500,000 in 2016. The investments can be withdrawn after three years.
  • The investors are required to reserve their ownership in real estate with a minimum amount of €500,000. Only with the residential properties that are approved for a lease.
  • The investor needs to obtain permanent commercial residency with the cost of a minimum of €500,000. Enabling the investor to retain the property for a lifetime.
  • The investor and their family members should have a clean criminal background. his should be validated with reliable documents.
  • Investors and their family will not be included in the list of the persons that are authorised by the European Union.
  • The investor and their family members must acquire a residency permit to apply for citizenship by investment. This requirement is a formality, implemented by European Union. This is granted to the investor on the submission of application.

Conclusively, the interested investors are provided with a quick, cost-friendly and a valuable programme to attain the EU citizenship, which will grant a legal permit and flexibility to live, work, travel and study anywhere within the EU. The clear procedure with the minimum list of requirements and the privilege of relocating the whole family of the investors through the Citizenship by Investment Programme is worthwhile. Chepyng is willing to assist the customers in preparing the documents, suggesting the best possible plan according to their affordability, and guide them through the substantial aspects of the program.

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